Tuesday, March 5, 2013

  • I will talk about the old postage stamps

Saturday, April 28, 2007


I like to express freely what Freedom is.
Many have defined Freedom as mental condition, a condition of the spirit . We all are always free to change our thoughts, improve our knowledge and understanding, and change our attitudes and beliefs-the inner part of each of us. We do need more people to recognize that they already are FREE. Freedom means our self reflection. It means thinking consciously about our rights and it is watched, felt, touched, Freedom means to grow psychological and mental imagery for my own ideals and principles.
As sober reflection leads to knowledge the freedom is linked with knowledge to do it in my deepest my guiding to perfection. Liberty is not determined by place and time. I am free to depart in time eternal and believe into the depths of existence. I want to exist then I am free. I am thinking, and then I am free.
Freedom is starting in the world of knowledge and virtue. I Try opening new horizons which fly. Also, when freedom work for our real strengths of creativity and independencies believe that Freedom is a powerful force moving in different walks of life.
I am free. You are free. All of us are free. No one can take that from us.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

My name

'E' 'L' 'ii' 'A' 'M 'A' 'g' 'D 'Y'

Christian Marriage

In Sudan, Christian Marriage is based on Christian church ceremony depending on Orthodox or Anglican or Catholics and so . It also related to the tribal traditions. Firstly, the boy proposes the girl to his family, if his family agrees then he makes an appointment with her family to request the girl for their boy. Both families discuss how and when the marriage will take place . Then, the process of the preparation for the marriage starts by the boy 's offering gifts to the girl as declaration of engagement .Then, the boy starts to furniture his new house with collaboration of the girl. When they are ready, they time of the wedding Day is fixed. There is ceremony before the wedding which is called "Henaa".Usually, it takes palce in the in bride home where they prepare a big plate with henna . They sing and dance their tribal songs. In wedding day, the celebrations starts at the church, where the bride and bridegroom enter church with hymns of the wedding. The priest asks the people if there is any objection to proceed on this marriage, but if the people keep quiet. He goes ahead and starts the occasion by prayers. He gives each of them the commandments as mentioned in the Bible, the famous verse that Lord brings them togather and no divorce up to death. The people come to the yard of the church and congratulate them. Usually there is a reception in the church. For some families, they have a party at the Club. All the costs of the wedding is taken care by the bridegroom. After the party, the bride and bridegroom starts their honey moon and live happily ever after.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Hi I am elia magdy I am student at University of Science and Technology